Do we even need these "Most Stuf" Oreos?

The people over at Oreo have lost their minds. There is a new "Most Stuf" version of Oreos that appears to have about five times the normal amount of creme filling as a regular Oreo.

America, I must ask you: do we even need this? 

I'm not here to talk about diets or health or any of that nonsense. You want a cookie, eat a cookie, but this doesn't even look good to me. 

I'll just come right out and say it: I like the cookie part better than the creme part. Don't shoot me. 

So we can buy a box of Oreos, I'll take them all apart and keep the cookie; you can keep the creme. We both go home happy. 

Anyway, these things are massive. Will you be buying them?


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