And the grossest thing at the airport is...


If you always get sick when you fly you can blame it on the germ covered security bins we are all forced to put our carry on belongings and shoes into. 

According to a new study, swab samples of the security bins revealed they are the most contaminated surfaces in airports and planes – even more than toilets! This is a big deal because every single person who flies has to touch them. The study revealed that everything from viral pathogens to fecal matter was found on the bins...which are NEVER cleaned. Eew!

Think about everything you need to put in the bins – electronics, shoes, bags, and even your jacket and belt. Next time you’re going through TSA be sure to high tail it to the bathroom to wash your hands thoroughly, avoid all contact with your face and mouth during your trip, and wipe down your belongings with anti-bacterial wipes.

[Science Alert]


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