Eagles Fans Basically Destroyed Philadelphia

First things first: I'm happy for the Eagles, and I'm glad they won the Super Bowl last night. This team brought the championship to Philadelphia for the first time ever, and the city has reason to celebrate. 

But I don't get this AT ALL. Last night, over 100,000 fans took to the streets to party after the Eagles won, and basically destroyed everything they could get their hands on. Again, this was for a WIN. What would have happened if they'd lost??


Yes, those guys actually flipped a car in celebration. I feel so bad for whoever owns that vehicle, but I'm actually glad this was caught on camera, because now these animals can be identified and punished.

Now here's one that's truly baffling. I hesitated to put this on my blog because it's so disgusting. Fair warning. 


Hope you aren't about to eat lunch. 

For real, what the **** is wrong with people? I can't even imagine something like this even going through my mind, much less actually doing it? And it doesn't seem like ANYONE attempted to stop the car-flippers or poo-eaters...they just grabbed their phones and egged them on. Baffling. I'm completely confused. 

And for those of you who say "This wouldn't have happened in Boston had the Patriots won." Well, feast your eyes on this.


Show some class, people!


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