10 Best Songs To Reduce Stress

Whenever I'm feeling stressed out - I turn up the music.  Not all the time is it country music - but it's always fun and happy music - and a lot of times - it do pull out the 'No Strings Attached' CD by *Nsync cuz it makes me happy - 

Kinda surprised that no country made the list.  

Here is the list that just came out:

  • *Nsync Bye Bye Bye
  • John Mayer's Shadow Days
  • Maroon 5's Sunday Morning
  • Taylor Swift's Shake It Off
  • Stay by Lisa Loeb
  • Modest Mouse's Float On
  • Use Me by Bill Weathers
  • Three Little Birds by Bob Marley
  • Johnny Nash's I Can See Clearly Now
  • Porcelain by Moby,
  • I"m Still Here by Pearl Jam
  • True Colors by Cindy Lauper

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