Nurse Runs 100 Miles for American Cancer Society!

Oncology nurse Angela Hammack of Brandon, Mississippi, ran 100 miles in about 29 hours in order to raise money for the American Cancer Society!

Angela, who gives chemotherapy treatments to patients, ran and walked the race without sleeping, never stopping for more than 10 minutes to change shoes or socks, or to take a few sips of soup or eat bits of oranges, ginger snaps, or potato chips.

Nearly 11 hours of her run were at night, in a National Forest, where she saw deer and heard coyotes howling.

During the four months leading up to the big race, Angela ran five marathons and says she put in all the training time – and endured the challenge of the 100-mile race – for the brave souls who come to her five days a week with smiles and hope, tears and fears.

Amazingly, she was back at work right away, a little bit sore and swollen, but in better shape than she thought she’d be in. 

Way to go, Angela!! Thanks for all you do!



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