Before I get to the gruesome news about Jake Owen's amputation, first some good news...

Jake celebrated his FOURTH number 1 song Monday night with a free Block party concert that he threw in Nashville. 

Jake's friends Dierks Bentley, Florida Georgia Line and Thomas Rhett also showed up for the free concert. 

Now the story about Jake Owen's amputation...

After he suffered severe injuries from a go-kart accident, doctors couldn't do anything more to save his damaged finger.

Before the concert, Jake held a press conference where he shared what happened. On Sunday night, he noticed that the finger he had crushed in his go-kart accident was bleeding again. Monday morning he went to see his doctor where they decided to remove the tip of his right ring finger removed! Even though he was in a lot of pain and his hand was bandaged, Owen stated that there was "no way" he was going to miss the concert.

Talk about "the show must go on"! Who is excited to see Jake when he comes to town with Jason Aldean in a couple weeks?!