This is cool and I need one right now!! However it's not on the market. But this Dad invented it and now he's started a "Kickstarter" so that it can get funded. made and shipped out to you!

Here is what the Kickstarter site says "Our kids love water balloons, but the hours we wasted filling and tying balloons really sucked all the fun out of it. But, with help from my entire family, we developed Bunch O Balloons, the best, fastest and most effective solution to preparing for a water balloon fight. Now that the design is complete, Bunch O Balloons is ready for mass production! By backing Bunch O Balloons on Kickstarter, the funds we raise will go towards purchasing the equipment we need to bring this must-have summer fun toy to families everywhere. Be sure to be one of the first backers to get your Bunch O Balloons so that YOU have the advantage in your next water balloon fight!"

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