This is dog.  She is awesome...but like all dogs, she likes to chew on things, dig holes, etc...

there is minimal damage when it comes to her....not like the average dog... the average pet causes $440 worth of damage a year!!

The main way is from chewing, biting, or drooling on stuff . . . but also by knocking electronics into the toilet, vomiting or peeing on them, and burying things in the yard.

Dogs are the most destructive, followed by cats, rabbits, parrots, and hamsters.


 The survey said that  38% of pet owners think their pets destroy stuff because they're bored . . . 27% think the pets want attention . . . 15% think the pets are jealous of other pets . . . and 2% think their pets broke stuff because they were depressed.

I think they are just being dogs??? 


(Daily Mail)