(photo credit is screen shot of his twitter feed: https://twitter.com/KipMooreMusic



I'm probably one of the only people who doesn't have a Facebook or twitter account.   Honestly, I'm not into it, I don't want to be.

Read this about Kip Moore...he is tired of his excuse my french "Bitchy" fans....and goes off.  Ends up gaining him more followers!  Ha!!!


Kip Moore snapped back at some Facebook folks who ridiculed people in his meet and greet photos that he had posted.  And lets just say he didn't hold back....


****Careful...some of this isn't kid appropriate****


He wrote: "Social media has become an open forum for ***** who think it's cool to express their cowardly hide-behind-a-computer-screen opinions. 


"I never comment back on my meet and greet pics 'cause it's pointless to have a debate with some people . . . but get the **** off my page if all you're gonna do is troll and look for some pictures of certain fans to ridicule.

"My fans are happy in these pictures and from all walks of life.  Happy (the key word) is what they are.  For all the supportive fans out there and the good comments, I appreciate you guys and hope to see you on the road."