How cool is this...a chick that can sing AND loves to restore cars!

Kasey loves old cars and she has been doing a project with her dad since high school

Kasey told this story recently:  "I just turned sixteen and gotten my license and I told the crowd one night that I was looking for a '67 Mustang or an old car'..... after the show someone came up to me and they were like, 'Hey this old man friend of mine has a… You should come look at it, you know it's been in storage, you know, under a tarp for a minute but you might wanna go look at it' and it was… it was really cool, he sold it to me for like $2500, my dad split it with me and we made it a project together and I still have it I just need to put a little love into it." 

If you don't know what a '67 Mustang looks is one...but this is NOT Kasey's.


I couldn't find any pics or video of her mustang - but her "Blowin Smoke" video is pretty cool!