Photo credit (RPitts)

This is awesome! has "A Guide to Including Bourbon in 100% of Your Thanksgiving Meal." 

Here are the ideas:   I'm off to get some bourbon!

1.  Bourbon ginger cider.  It's just ginger beer, apple cider, and bourbon over ice.



2.  Apple-bourbon turkey and gravy.  Put bourbon over the whole turkey before and during roasting, and save the pan drippings for gravy.



3.  Bourbon cranberry sauce.  Add some cinnamon and a bit of orange and lime juice.


4.  Bourbon pecan stuffing.  However good you think your regular stuffing is, it's BETTER with chopped pecans and bourbon.



5.  Bourbon-maple sweet potatoes.  Pretty simple:  Anything you eat with sweet potatoes in it . . . add bourbon.



6.  Side dishes.  Two good options are bourbon-glazed radishes, and Brussels sprouts with bacon and bourbon.



7.  Bacon-bourbon butter.  <------YUMM!!!



8.  Pies.  Pecan pie, pumpkin pie, cherry pie, and even cheesecake . . . they're all great with a little bourbon inside.



9.  Bourbon-butterscotch ice cream.  If you're making your own ice cream, you're already hardcore about Thanksgiving.  So yeah . . . why not put bourbon in it.



10.  Bourbon coffee or tea.  duh?