(photo credit:  RPitts)

This is going to be so hard - eating at Thanksgiving and trying NOT to put on extra pounds....and if you are like me...I don't need to gain any weight..so I constantly have to watch what I eat...

So...I found out what we can over-in-duldge in on Turkey Day - I think you will be happy!!!

1.  Turkey - YEAH!!!!!

Turkey is one of the healthiest meats, and it's almost totally fat free.  It's also a great source of protein.  You can prepare it in a low sodium chicken broth if you want to avoid a lot of salt.



2.  Cranberries!!!

People usually only eat them once a year, but cranberries are one of those healthy super-foods.  They have a bunch of antioxidants and nutrients.  They also help prevent ulcers and infections.  They're also loaded with vitamins.


TIP: (use applesauce as a sweetener, instead of sugar)



3.  Sweet potatoes!!!

Sweet potatoes are rich in fiber and minerals, so they're better for you than regular mashed potatoes. 



4.  Apple pie?? <---Wait...WHAT???

Apples are full of vitamins and fiber, so that's a score.  But apple pies usually contain a bunch of spices that are filled with health benefits.  And if you make it with a wheat crust, it's even better for you.

Just don't add whipped cream or ice cream <-----Boooooooo!

So...it looks to me that we CAN enjoy Turkey Day!!!   Eat up Friends and Be Skinny!!!


(Fit Day) (Live Science)  <--- I don't make this stuff up - I find it on the internet!