Have you seen the new video for "Boys Round Here" by Blake Shelton?

Its pretty awesome - its all about equality - bringing us all together.

Couple of Rappers show up in the video to the big redneck house party - and I was curious to find out who they were because I didn't recognize them...

and low and behold.....they are just ACTORS!

One of them looks like Lil John...but its not.

the video was shot at Disney Ranch in California. 

The video does star:  Miranda, of course, The Pistol Annies and REALYNN - from Team Blake last season on the voice!!!

They filmed in 50mph winds the entire day with scenes featuring a red pick-up truck which was over 4 feet just to step into, and the original Chik-Fil-A cow making a cameo appearance. 

Here is a  behind the scenes look at the making of the video