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We all HATE waking up...most of us rely on coffee to get us going...but here are a few tricks that you can do in the am to help the stay get started!

1.  Immediately drink a glass of water


2.  Put your feet on the ground as soon as you hear the alarm.


3.  Immediately get into the shower . . . especially a cold shower....brrrrrr!


4.  Put the alarm clock on the other side of the room, so you have to get up to turn it off.


5.  Don't do anything else in bed other than sleep or have sex.  If you get used to eating, watching TV, or reading in bed, your brain associates your bed with something other than sleep.  And that'll make it harder to get up in the morning (interesting)


6.  Plan your breakfast the night before . . . and make sure it's something you like.  When you wake up, you'll be hungry and happy about eating...Moon over my Hammy please!!!!!!


7.  Eat an apple.  It can work better than caffeine.  Not sure why, but apparently it does. . . try it and you'll see.


8.  Do four or five minutes of basic exercise . . . like stretching and jumping.


9.  Change the song or sound from your alarm clock regularly so you never get used to it...Just put it on US 103.5!!!!



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