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What happened to the traditional nursery rhymes?  Sounds like they are a thing of the past and that parents are now singing radio hits to their kids at bedtime...

Half of parents say at bedtime their kids enjoy singing along to radio hits, while only 15% prefer traditional nursery rhymes.

60% of parents who sing to their children usually choose a hit pop tune, in most cases because it’s already stuck in their head.

Look at this stat:   one in five parents say they’re more likely to know the words to the latest Taylor Swift song than a classic lullaby.

Check out this list of the top songs parents sing to their kids:

1. Bruno Mars- Just The Way You Are
2. Adele- Someone Like you
3. Rihanna- Umbrella    <----------------------What????
4. Robbie Williams- Angels
5. Rihanna- Diamonds
6. Guns n Roses- Sweet Child O' Mine  <----------Huh???
7. Oasis- Wonderwall
8. Taylor Swift- I Knew You Were Trouble  <-------Bahahahaaaaaa!
9. Christina Aguilera- Beautiful
10. McFly- It's All About You

Okay...I gotta ask...What do you sing to your kids at bedtime???