I found this article on why it is so important to have good girl friends in your life.  I'm so lucky - I have the best friends..in two states...my girls from Minnesota and my girls from Florida.....I always surround myself with good people and stay away from friends who aren't supportive of me.

It’s important for us girls to have lady friends, especially when times get tough. There are certain aspects of a girlfriend that you can’t get from a romantic relationship, or a BFF that’s of the opposite sex. 

SheKnows.com made a list of the top five reasons girls need girls in their lives

  1. Stress relief: From venting about your day at work to figuring out the men in your life, it's important to have someone to talk to when things go wrong. Why? Because getting things off your chest and, in effect, sharing your daily stressors with someone will help relieve some of the anxiety you feel yourself.
  2. Feeling connected: Studies have shown that feeling connected to the world around you—socializing, going shopping, and taking part in events in your city—is good for your heart and helps stave off depression. People tend to feel more comfortable when in pairs or large groups as opposed to going solo.
  3. Confidence boosting: The bond between friends helps a person feel valued and important. Simply chatting with a friend when you're down can boost your mood and help you see a situation in a new light.
  4. Learning new things: Friends help us learn new things about ourselves; they also open us up to new experiences and can offer fresh perspectives on problems.
  5. Love and loyalty: Having gal pals around will teach you how to love unconditionally and to remain loyal. You'll also learn the importance of trust and about being selfless.