I HATE cleaning my house...I feel like its all I do sometimes...I would love to have a maid...but yeah...like that is going to happen.

I found this article on tips on how to keep your house clean...so naturally, I wanted to share with you...since I'm sure you LOVE cleaning as much as I do!  (Although, I do crank up my country music when I clean...that makes it fun)


1.  Make your bed RIGHT AFTER you get up in the morning.  Make it a regular part of your routine  

2.  Don't procrastinate.. . go through stuff immediately and organize it on the spot.

3.  Break down jobs into manageable chunks.  Assign certain rooms to days of the week . . . like clean the bathroom every Tuesday, and do the laundry on Sunday.

4.  Get an empty basket and toss everything into it that doesn't belong in the room you're cleaning.   

5.  Get Motivated!!! Blast your favorite music while you go at it <-------That's what I do!!!  It works

6.  Hide cleaning supplies in each room.  Most people keep all their cleaning supplies in one place . . . under the kitchen sink.  Instead, tuck some supplies into every room.

7.  Invite people over.  You KNOW you'll get your house clean before they arrive....bahahahaaaaaa!!!  (only time we EVER clean right?)

(Fox News Magazine)