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I was checking out this list of some of the things women are afraid of...and yep...I would say I agree with these....freaks me out everytime I think of these things.

What else should be added to this list?

1.  Losing family members.


2.  Being buried alive.


3.  Public speaking.


4.  Dying.


5.  Fire.


6.  Snakes.   <-------And add FROGS to the list too!!!!


7.  Heights.


8.  Spiders.


9.  Getting into a horrible car accident.


10.  Public humiliation.


11.  Losing important photos.


12.  Teeth falling out.


13.  Someone seeing you naked. 


14.  Aging.


15.  Being poor.

16.  Being the last person on Earth.


17.  The dentist.


18.  Going bald.


19.  Failing a test.


20.  Mice.   <---------------Eeeeeeeeeeeeeek!

(Daily Mail) Source

Here are more things people are afraid of: