We have all heard the song "I drive your truck" by Lee Brice...

well...it was written by two guys who got their idea from a radio interview they heard one day about a guy who lost his son in Afghanistan in 2006.

His name was Jared Monti and he was a Medal of Honor recipient and he died while trying to save a fellow soldier.  During the interview the dad was asked how he coped and he said, quote, "I drive his truck."  The writers took it from there.

Lee had a big party earlier this week to celebrate the song going to #1 and decided to invite the family....  

Lee even gave them plaques and let them see how big their story became.

There was one moment during the ceremony that must have touched everyone.  At one point the father said, quote, "By the way.  I've never been able to listen to that song through to the end."

OMG....I'm gonna cry.