Mike Williams was happy, friends over at his Avila home watching the Kentucky-Wichita State basketball game Sunday. But it was around then his brother showed up, having damaged a Bentley automobile that belonged to Williams.

That didn't go over well. An argument on the home's foyer quickly turned physical and ended with Eric Baylor stabbing Williams with a paring knife.

Those are some of the details revealed by Tampa Bay Times reporter Greg Auman, who spoke with a witness to the Sunday events.

Clermon Vaughn, who had just finished cleaning Williams' carpets, spoke with Auman about the incident.

He said the knife, "like you'd cut an apple with.... went in (Williams) pretty good, I believe, from the amount of blood that was shooting everywhere."

Williams yelled to Vaughn to call an ambulance and police. Meanwhile a friend used his belt as a tourniquet on the left leg.

William Carter, who was also cleaning the carpets, shared that "they were arguing... Mike wasn't the aggressor, but I guess he was a little upset and told (Baylor) to get out" after Williams saw his Bentley's back window was knocked out.

Head HERE for the full Auman story, which also quotes a neighbor about the loud nature of the incident and tells how Baylor slipped down the street while police were at the house.