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The Bucs unveiled their new enhanced flag logo and helmet Thursday evening. They also revealed a new font style as well as different color scheme, going from black lettering to all red. Their alternate logo, the pirate ship, was also altered and has a new color scheme of red as opposed to black.

That leads to this: Will this work on their red jerseys?

It sure will be a lot of red and if you recall or would look at the current jerseys you can see the Bucs have never put their flag logo on them. They wore their alternate black ship logo on the sleeves.

You have to wonder now if the team will go to a pewter jersey, giving them the ability to place their team name and any one of the two logos on it. Another option could be something similar to the Tennessee Titans or the Seattle Seahawks who have different colors around the shoulders and sleeves separate from the body of the rest of the jersey. That'll allow for Tampa Bay to keep their red jerseys and place a logo on the shoulders or sleeves — if they choose to do so.

The organization has set a date of March 5th to unveil their new jerseys so we'll know then. But as we wait for yet another reveal, one has to wonder if the new color scheme means the end for their red-colored jerseys.


Photo: Tampa Bay Buccaneers