The Bucs need help at guard.  And they should bring in Richie Incognito for a visit.  But he has plenty of baggage.

Those are the words of former Bucs tight end Anthony Becht, who was a former teammate of Incognito's with the Rams.  Becht says the Bucs should not only see where his head is at, they should also see where he's at physically.

"When he gets dropped off at the facility, there's going to be a workout bag there," Becht told Steve Duemig on Monday.  "I'm going to have him on the field and it's going to be a vigorous, vigorous workout."

Becht believes an unexpected workout can also provide some insight into Incognito's psyche.  

"Guys will leak a little bit of their character when you put them through something that they're not prepared for," Becht explained.  "That's what they have to find out."

Becht says Incognito was a "tough, hard-nosed football player" in St. Louis who had penchant for bonehead penalties.  Incognito racked up 7 personal foul calls with the Rams.

"He would get on the field and get silly personal fouls in crucial situations," Becht told the Big Dog.  "I would be in the huddle saying-- 'Is this guy serious what he's doing right now?'.....It's not about him. He's affecting the entire team."

Becht says the Bucs should thoroughly research Incognito by talking to former coaches and teammates, but at the end of the day: "I don't even think at that point that it's worth bringing him in."