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Amy went to Haiti during her vacation. She went to an orphanage she’s been volunteering at for a couple of years. Bobby and Eddie both said they would probably go with her to Haiti in the future. The coolest part of her trip was passing out the 30 Abes shirts to all the Haitian children.  To order one of these awesome shirts you can go to

Lunchbox has never owned a pair of sunglasses, and the hotel he stayed at in Vegas was giving away some free one.  He loved them! He wore them to the pool and says they were perfect for staring at chicks because they cant see his eyes. Maybe Lunch will start wearing them in the future… this could be the start to a whole new Lunchbox! 

Eddie rented a car on vacation and loaded his whole family in “Griswold Style” and in the parking lot he ran into a pole and dented the back.  One of the rent-a-car employees told Eddie off the record to just get it fixed and he wouldn’t say anything. Eddie spent part of his vacation getting estimates, but decided it was too expensive and just turned it back in with a dent. 

Ray saw a dancer in Vegas that had no legs and was swigging and spinning on ropes. Ray said she was the coolest performer he’s ever seen.

Bobby took a “spiritual journey” road trip during his vacation.  He drove from Nashville to Little Rock, to Baton Rouge, to Houston and then to Austin. Bobby almost got a tattoo but wants to bring someone to go with him and no one would while he was home. 

Tell Me Something Good

A women used social media to find the officer that rescued her 43 years before from a burning home.

A 6-year-old boy was swallowed by a sinkhole and was stuck for four hours. Rescuers dug for him expecting to find him dead, but he was alive and will make a full recovery..

A 14-year-old boy fell 100 feet and lived! Walked away with a swollen ankle and that’s it! This has to be the luckiest kid,

A guy at a baseball game caught four foul balls in one game. The odds of that happening are one in a trillion.

  • One time Bobby saw a guy get nailed in the neck by a foul ball on the 3rd base line. The paramedics came down and grabbed him really fast and escorted him out of the stands.  The man came back two innings later and the crowed cheered.

Show and Tell News

22 elementary school students got sick from mixing hot sauce, carrots, salt and milk in a drink on a dare.

  • Lunchbox said he use to take old ketchup and mustard and would stick it his back yard to let it get really nasty for about three weeks. For his birthday, him and his friends would have a sleepover and they would go egg houses and dump the rotten condiments on people’s front porches. Gross!!

Thanks for Calling In!

Thanks Christa for calling in! Christa called in from St. Louis to tell the show that she listens every morning and she had a tip for Amy. Amy had talked about getting adult braces and Christa suggested Invisalign. Amy has an appointment this week with an orthodontist! 

Ashley called from El Paso and said her husband listens everyday from Afghanistan where he is deployed. She hasn’t talked to him in two weeks but she knows he listens to the show everyday. Shout out to Nick who is serving right now over seas! 

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The Body Issue

Every year ESPN does the Body Issue, and Bobby wants to see who on the show would do this. Lunch, Eddie, Bobby and Ray all want to do it, but none of the girls want to join in. Maybe some day soon the show will release The Bobby Bones Show Body Issue....

Check out this year’s ESPN Body Issue-

Bobby’s TV Rundown

Bobby started watching Dexter last night even though the show is in the last season. He also watched Newsroom and thinks Homeland is the most addicting show in television. Bobby feels likes he’s turned into such a TV nerd. His friend was making fun of him over the weekend for watching Walking Dead because it has zombies even though she watches the vampire show True Blood.  What is more nerdy? Zombies or Vampires?

Bobby Wins Big on Vacation

Bobby went to a casino in Arkansas and sat down at a machine and won $500 on his first spin. He still had time to kill and played craps and won another $500. 

After Arkansas he headed to Baton Rouge and played the wheel of fortune slot and won another $400. He met with his friend and then after dinner played at the same machine and won another $200 and then won more on a craps table. Bobby won a little over $2100 during his trip and he is showing off his winnings… yes Bobby, brought his winnings in cash to the studio. 

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Explain This Tweet

Amy (@RadioAmy) tweeted: 

“My sneaky friend got a new Nashville # so he called & acted like he was Charles Kelley from @ladyantebellum. Um, I believed him. Ya. Sad....”

Explanation- Amy said her friend got a new Nashville number and pranked her! He called and said he was Charles Kelley and wanted to donate a large sum of money for Amy’s 30 Abes charity! Amy got all excited but turns out it was just her friend… bummer!

Lunchbox (@RadioLunchbox) tweeted:

“Amy I tried to wear your charity shirt for good luck but I lost my money in it so the shirt stayed in vegas”

Explanation- Lunch lost at blackjack for four hours straight while wearing Amy’s 30 Abes shirt. He thinks the shirt is bad luck and left the shirt at the hotel with a note for the maid that said “You can have this shirt it’s bad luck.”

Ray (@BobbyBonesRay) Tweeted:


“Some bro at this pool kegger asked if Ive seen Along Came Polly”

Explanation- Ray was at a pool party and some guy just randomly asked everyone if they had seen the movie. Ray’s wondering why anyone would want to talk about that at a party…. It’s pretty lame.  

Bobby (@MrBobbyBones) tweeted:

“I just saw a woman almost die in a restaurant. luckily I jumped over and saved her. and by "I", i mean the paramedics.”

Explanation- Bobby was having dinner with a friend and people started gathering around this older lady who was choking. Everyone was just standing around until  the paramedics came.  They saved her and she’s ok!

just followed @SherylCrow . One of my longest lifetime crushes. Hi Sheryl!

Explanation- Bobby tweeted at Sheryl Crow while on sleeping pills and never got a response.  Awkward….

Hollywood Skinny

Six employees were fired from the hospital where Kin Kardashian gave birth for sneaking into the hospitals records. Not only that, one employee checked out 13 different celebrities hospital records.

Cory Monteith from Glee was found dead in his Vancouver hotel. Rumor is that it was due to drug overdose. An autopsy is scheduled for today.



A 28-year-old man had to get some fingerprints at the police station and paid for it with a stolen credit card…. What a Bonehead!

A news anchor was talking about the plane crash in San Francisco and was reading what were obviously the wrong names straight from the prompter. She never caught her mistake!

Check out this hilarious anchor fail! We can’t stop laughing!

Time Marches On 

Amy was listening to Parking Lot Party an was all geared up to run with her husband and about half a mile in she pulled her calf and had to have her husband carry her back to the car! Maybe next time Amy needs to not listen to such a pump up song when she is warming up…. Time marches on….

Bobby Wants a Tattoo

Bobby decided this on his “spiritual journey” last week that he wants a tattoo.  Amy said she would go with him, but he wants to actually go with someone who will get one too. Bobby is terrified of needles and after hearing the audio of Amy’s tattoo he is convinced it’s going to hurt too bad. Bobby thinks he will get half of one and walk out and never finish it! 

Best Vacation moment

Amy- playing with the kids at the orphanage! Amy and her husband are trying to adopt from Haiti, but there’s a law that says you have to be married for 10 years and she’s only been married 6 years. 

Domestic adoption is going great! She got a phone call from her lawyer about a potential birth mother the day she landed in America from Haiti. This was the first phone call about a potential birth mother.

Lunchbox- The Garth Brooks concert in Vegas was his best moment! They were filming a TV special and the camera was “all over” him… so make sure you look for Lunchbox in the audience of the Garth Brooks special! 

Bobby- When he checked into his hotel he looked over and saw David Lyons who plays General Sebastian "Bass" Monroe in the TV show Revolution. Bobby even helped “spot” him at the gym. Bobby was shocked that he was Australian! 

Spotify Top Ten Most Misquoted Lyrics 

Bobby read the top 10 misquoted lyrics and had the show guess what song their from. Do you mess up on these lyrics?

Other News Stories We Talked About

Father dying from cancer films first dance with his daughter so she can play it at her future wedding. Is this sweet or is it too emotional for a wedding day?

Russian-born Andrei Kirilenko has been given an 'allowance' by his pop star wife that allows him to have sex with another woman once a year.

  • Amy thinks this is terrible! Lunch says she is the coolest wife ever and thinks every wife should do this. Bobby thinks every athlete cheats when they travel so wives should just expect it.