Its kinda creepy....but infact its Art!

The artists name is Brandon Maldonado. The painting on "Uncaged" is called Our Lady of Merciful Fate.

You can buy limited prints of similar artwork for $50 from the artist's website at

Here is what Zac said about it:   "There's an artist that I met out in New Mexico, his name's Brandon Maldonado and I'm a big fan of what he does. Stumbled on to him and you know I've always been drawn to the Day Of The Dead kind of you know artwork and vibe of things and you know we just decided to pick something that we really liked a lot for the cover of the record. And while there's all these fluffy, you know silly pictures of people posing and everything it's just been done so many ways. Um, those things come up if you're looking at it on iTunes somewhere and you see all these different faces and everybody trying to be cool and we just figured that we'd pick something that we really like a lot."