Think you are the perfect Employee?'re not.  Most of us annoy our boss daily. 

Here's a list from of the top four habits that irritate your boss.

#1.)  Not Showing Initiative . . . .  You shouldn't wait to be told what to do, especially when it's slow.  And if you just mess around on Facebook until something comes in, it makes you look bad -  Quit spending time on Facebook - Unless you work in radio...we have to be on it.

#2.)  Making Excuses.  When you mess up, just admit it and try to learn from it.    Just don't try to shift the blame.   

#3.)  Complaining.  Critiquing something about the company is okay . . . But a complaint is different.  Critiques are constructive.   

#4.)  Asking Too Many Questions.  If you're new, you'll obviously need to ask more than usual.  But if it's a chronic problem, it makes you look like you can't do things by yourself . . .  

Generally Bosses value the people who are resourceful enough to figure things out on their own.