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So...this year...Looks like Walmart is going to open at 8pm on Thanksgiving!

That's four hours before Friday even begins.

Not included in that decision?  Walmart employees, who'll have to skip Thanksgiving dinner with their families so they can go make $9 an hour trying to keep people from killing each other to save $20 on a Blu-ray player.

Last year, Black Friday was the biggest day in U.S. retail sales history.  Sales were up a massive 6.6%, and at least $11.4 BILLION worth of merchandise was sold.

Those who are lined up inside the store between 10 p.m and 11 p.m. on Thanksgiving will be able to purchase the following items: an Apple iPad 2 with Wi-Fi for $399 plus a $74 Wal-Mart gift card; an Emerson 32-inch LCD TV for $148, down from the original $228; and an LG Blu-ray Disc player for $38, about half off the original price.

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