"The Irish Daily Star" did a survey on the top things men put in their 'bucket lists' . . . and marriage was #9.  Here are the eight things they had ranked ahead of getting married . . .  


#1.)  Travel the world.

#2.)  Live in another country.

#3.)  Have kids.

#4.)  Learn a new skill. 

#5.)  Drive a Formula One race car.

#6.)  Record an album.

#7.)  Get your work/life balance just right. 

#8.)  Open a bar or restaurant.

#9.)  Settle down and get married.

#10.)  Appear in a blockbuster action move, like "Braveheart".


For Women:

Women want to get musical and record a song or their own album.

Women are more interested in traditional life goals, such as having kids and getting married, while men want to live life on the edge and experience thrill-seeking activities rather than settling down.