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This is pretty cool.....this website has put out a list of 11 Songs, Forever Ruined By Artists Revealing Their True Meanings.


Here's the list, along with a quick summary on how each song's mystique was crushed by the artists revealing their true inspirations:


 1.)  "Don't Stop Believin'"Journey . . . Singer Steve Perry has admitted that there's no such thing as "South Detroit."


2.)  "Party in the U.S.A."Miley Cyrus . . . At some point after the song's release, Miley said that she'd never heard a Jay-Z song, despite what she sings in the lyrics.


3.)  "Like a Virgin"Madonna . . . "Like a Virgin's" male songwriter has said it's actually about a MAN getting over a break-up.


4.)  "My Sharona"The Knack . . . A woman named Sharona Alperin says the song is about her . . . when she was an underage girl.  She thinks she was "maybe 16, 17" at the time, and Knack singer Doug Fieger was "about nine years older."


5.)  "(You Gotta) Fight For Your Right (To Party)"The Beastie Boys . . . They later said the song was supposed to be a PARODY of party anthems.  Not one itself.


6.)  "Tutti Frutti"Little Richard . . . Little Richard has admitted that it was about GAY BACKDOOR RELATIONS.  (--So you could argue that this is one where the revelation actually makes the song A LOT BETTER.)  (???)


7.)  "In the Air Tonight"Phil Collins . . . Legend has it the song is about a MURDER that Phil witnessed . . . but Phil says the song is not about ANYTHING interesting.  He says he wrote it while screwing around with a new drum machine.


8.)  "Summer of '69"Bryan Adams . . . For better or worse, Bryan says the title was inspired by the sexual position, not an actual summer in 1969.  (--Thankfully, it isn't both.  Bryan was 10 years old in 1969.)


9.)  "(Untitled) How Does It Feel"D'Angelo . . . D'Angelo says the song is NOT about sex . . . it's about his grandmother's cooking.


10.)  "Friday"Rebecca Black . . . She later claimed she KNEW the lyrics were a bunch of hogwash.  (--Although, I claim THAT'S a bunch of hogwash.)



11.)  "Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds"The Beatles . . . It seemed obvious that "Lucy, Sky, and Diamonds" stood for LSD . . . but John Lennon says it was actually based on a painting his son Julian did in art class.


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