If you are in a situation this Mother's Day like Launa is...what do you do when your own mother has passed and dad has a new girlfriend or there is a "Step Mother" involved?

Talk to Your Dad:   He may have some ideas for what she would like and might have an idea for dividing Mother's Day between your mom and your step mother.

Talk to Your Mom:  If your mother is in your life, Let her know whether or not you are interested in seeing your step mother on Mother's Day, and if you want, you can ask her if you can divide the day.

Give Her a Call:   If you won't be seeing your step mother on Mother's Day, give her a call and wish her a happy holiday. Let her know that you are thinking of her and that you hope she knows you are glad she's your step mother.

Let Her Feel Included:  if relations have been strained between you and your step mother, this is the perfect time to fix them. Let your step mother know that you are glad she and your Dad are happy.