More than 40,000 new laws went into effect nationwide. 

Here are a few of the Florida Laws . . .


1.  Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services is in control of your kid’s lunches now and they are going to add more fruit and veggies

2.  Tattoo artists will have to take state-approved tests to get licensed and 16 and 17-year-olds now must have parental permission to get inked up.

3.  For all businesses, those minimum wage workers will now get paid more money, $7.67 an hour is the state minimum wage instead of $7.37.



In Other States:


As of January 1st, a new Utah state law makes it illegal to offer drink specials based on the time of the day.  In other words . . . they've made happy hour illegal.

It's now illegal to sell or trade SHARK FINS in Oregon and California. 

New York has made it illegal to possess or sell BEAR GALLBLADDERS....dang it!

Illinois is starting a new public database, similar to the sex offender registry, featuring people who've been convicted of first-degree murder.

Illinois is also letting people on motorcycles blow through red lights . . . if the light fails to change to green after a, quote, "reasonable length of time."....WHAT????

--And Georgia is requiring golf carts to have more safety features . . . like braking systems and horns . . . because it's now legal to drive them on the street. 


(FOX News)