We love Toby...and I'm sure he had good reason for not signing the guitar - but dude...it does look bad.  But hey...other celebrities have done LOT worse...

He is accused of refusing to autograph a guitar that was part of a fundraiser for St. Jude Children's Hospital.  This happened back on June 22nd when Toby performed at the Nebraskaland Days festival in North Dakota.

They had a deal set up for the radio station  - they would have people bid money on a guitar . . . and then Toby would sign it at the Nebraskaland meet-and-greet...and that money would go to charity.

Supposedly, both sides had signed off on the deal . . . until they "got face-to-face."  That's when Toby refused to autograph it.  And I'm guessing there was some kind of standoff at that point . . . because Toby's crew threatened to call security.

For them to think that Toby would disregard a great charity like St. Jude when he has his own foundation that supports and has the same goals is just stupid...I mean really?