Here are the new selections of FOOD this year:
Bacon Peanut Butter Burger: This bacon burger is topped with peanut butter, and fully loaded.


Mac and Cheese Burger: It features a standard bun, burger patty, bacon and a scoop of creamy macaroni and cheese, plus your choice of toppings.

Wild Hog: This is a bacon cheeseburger topped with barbecue pork, slaw, fries, barbecue sauce and a choice of toppings.

Polish Boy: It's a grilled kielbasa sausage, placed on a toasted garlic roll topped with barbecue pork, slaw, fries and barbecue sauce.

Potato Mash Burger: This bacon cheeseburger is topped with a griddle-fried mashed potato cake.

Polish Burger: It's a bacon cheeseburger topped with a piece of kielbasa sausage, with your choice of toppings.

Deep-Fried Mashed Potatoes: Smashed spuds are dipped in batter and fried.

Deep Fried Bubblegum: Bubblegum-flavored marshmallows are dipped in a batter and deep fried, with drizzled pink and blue icing and a few Chiclets sprinkled on top.

Deep-Fried m&m's: They're wrapped in a sweet dough stuck with a stick, then dipped in a batter and fried, and sprinkled with powdered sugar.

Deep-Fried Hershey Drops: The chocolate is prepared just like the m&m's.

Deep-Fried Kool-Aid: It's a batter made with cherry Kool-Aid and deep-fried.



The Florida State Fair offers a free app for iPhone and iPad that includes a "Find My Car" feature.
Users can set their car location, and the app plots the spot.


Users can also place themselves on the map to help navigate the fairgrounds.

Check out the Fair Schedule and "alert" yourself for events.

The Florida State Fair opens TODAY and runs through Feb. 20.

The fairgrounds are at Interstate 4 and U.S. 301.