"Forbes" just released its annual list of the world's richest people and there's a new person on the list who proves two things.

41-year-old Sara Blakely of Clearwater, Florida is the founder of SPANX.  If you're not familiar, Spanx are spandex-type wraps you wear under your clothes to slim you down and smooth out your bulges.

And because she invented them, Sara's now the YOUNGEST self-made female BILLIONAIRE in the WORLD.   

Sara started Spanx in the late '90s, when she came up with the idea at age 27.  She used all $5,000 she had in the bank to start the company.  The product caught on and now, she has a net worth of $1 BILLION.

One more note:  Sara would never have started Spanx if she'd gotten the first job she applied for . . . playing GOOFY at Disney World.  They rejected her because you have to be 5-foot-8 . . . and she's 5-foot-6. 

(Tampa Bay Times)


According to the Forbes Rich List for 2012
The Mexican tycoon has once again held onto the number one position, with an estimated worth of $69 billion!
Meanwhile, Microsoft's Bill Gates came in second place with $61 billion, while Warren Buffet had the third spot with $44 billion!
Other notable money bags this year include the youngest billionaire to make the list, 'Spanx' founder Sarah BlakelyFacebook's Mark Zuckberg in the 35 spot with a net worth of $17.5 billion, and Harry Potter author J.K. Rowling dropping off the list as she's fallen below the $1 billion mark, due to Britain's high taxes, and her donation of $150 million to charity!