The Hunger Games tells the tale of 12 boys and 12 girls who have to fight for survival in a future world.

The Hunger Games" covers the first book in Suzanne Collins' dystopian trilogy, which depicts a society in which children, primped by stylists and costume designers, are forced to fight to the death on television. The book revolves around Katniss Everdeen, a girl who agrees to take her sister's spot in the games to spare her sister's life. 

Jennifer Lawrence plays the main character, Katniss, and it also stars Lenny Kravitz, Donald Sutherland and Woody Harrelson.  

Jennifer Lawrence said she read all the books in "The Hunger Games" quickly.  (She said she thought they were "incredible," and she read them in a matter of days.)

Let 'The Hunger Games' begin: Fans brace for the premiere


Three days prior to The Hunger Games hitting theaters and possibly smashing records ($100 million opening weekend), the movie's soundtrack has been released.

Available on iTunes and in stores at midnight on March 20, the CD is already climbing the charts; it currently sits at number-one on the iTunes album chart and is number-five on Amazon.

Taylor Swift is responsible for a pair of tracks on an album that hypes "Songs from District 12 and Beyond." You can listen now to "Eyes Open" and "Safe and Sound."