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The 10 Things Women Want Most

The 10 Things Women Want Most
Posted January 22nd, 2013 @ 7:18am


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According to a survey....these are the 10 things women want most:  


#1.)  Cuddling with their partner.


#2.)  Comfortable underwear.  


#3.)  Someone telling them they've lost weight.


#4.)  Making someone ELSE happy by giving them a present. 


#5.)  Sexy underwear:  Which finished three spots BELOW comfortable underwear.


#6.)  Finding a bargain.


#7.)  Getting flowers.  


#8.)  Getting a present:  Which finished four spots BELOW giving a present.


#9.)  Being told she looks younger than she really is. 


#10.)  Getting a compliment from a stranger about how she looks.



The survey actually compiled a list of the top 50 things women want most.  Here are five OTHER things from the list that might surprise you . . .


#1.)  They would rather win an ARGUMENT . . . which was in 28th place . . . than have a day at a spa, which was 31st.


#2.)  They'd rather eat cheese . . . which was 39th . . . than go on a first date, which was 41st.  


#3.)  They'd rather have someone ask them where they bought their clothes . . . which was in 12th place . . . than have someone cook them a meal, which was 17th.


#4.)  They'd rather have clean teeth . . . which was 15th . . . than have someone compliment them on their children, which was 23rd.


#5.)  And bad news for guys:  Women would rather get a new purse . . . which was 33rd . . . than a new push-up bra, which was 50th.


(Daily Mail)

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