Tomorrow CBS is set to air a special one-hour presentation called Super Bowl’s Greatest Commercials (8 PM, ET).

One's to check out already:

Last Thursday, a 10-second teaser for a Super Bowl ad made the rounds online, in which Matthew Broderick appeared to be reprising his "Ferris Bueller" role.

Over the weekend, word got out that it was a Honda ad. Initially, they denied it, but then they gave in, and decided to release the whole thing early. It's not the exact ad that will air during the Super Bowl, it's a two-and-a-half minute "extended cut."


Here is the other one that has leaked: 

#1.)  There's an Acura commercial featuring JERRY SEINFELD, the Soup Nazi from "Seinfeld", and JAY LENO.  In the ad, Jerry finds out he's second on the waiting list for the new Acura, and tries to bribe the #1 guy to give up his spot.  It's pretty great.