#1.)  Living Too Far Away.  51% of men and 47% of women said they wouldn't get into a relationship with someone who lived too far away.   If you live more than a three-hour drive away, your chances aren't good. 


#2.)  Not Having a Good Sense of Humor.  50% of men and 58% of women wouldn't date someone they can't laugh with.


#3.)  Being Too Needy.  57% of men and 69% of women said that if you're too needy, then you're too much work and they're not interested.


#4.)  Laziness.  It's the second biggest deal-breaker:  60% of men and 72% of women say they're not attracted to lazy people.


#5.)  Not Caring About Your Appearance.  This was the biggest deal-breaker for people:  63% of men and 71% of women said they would stop seeing someone who showed up for dates looking like they didn't even TRY to dress up.