Yesterday, the NCAA announced its punishment to Penn State for the way it grossly mishandled the JERRY SANDUSKY child sex abuse scandal. 

The NCAA did NOT impose the "Death Penalty," which would've meant banning the school from competing in football for a year.


Here is what they got slapped with:

A $60 MILLION fine, which will go toward a fund for victims of sexual abuse.  That money is about the equivalent of one year of football revenue.


A four-year ban from competing in any bowl games.


A reduction of scholarships from 25 per year to 15 per year for the next four years.  That's looked at as a significant hindrance in their recruiting process.

Any current players or committed recruits are allowed to transfer immediately.  Normally NCAA rules make a player sit out one year when they transfer, but all Penn State transfers can skip that and play somewhere else immediately.


And finally, all of their victories from 1998 through 2011 have been vacated.  That moves JOE PATERNO from 409 career wins to 298, which drops him from first place on the all-time list to 12th place.


Probably would have been better to get the Death Penalty -

The only football program that's received that penalty was Southern Methodist University in the late '80s, and they've never really recovered.  That "death penalty" was handed out after the NCAA found evidence SMU was paying its players.

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