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Here is a list of the New Florida Laws that are in effect:


--It is no longer illegal to flash headlights at other drivers to warn of police speed traps.

--Drivers involved in fender-benders need to seek emergency room care within two weeks of an accident to be eligible to collect on insurance.

--It also removes massage therapy and acupuncturists from the list of insured treatments after an accident.

--Low-wage workers in Floridians can also expect to see a slight bump in their take-home pay as the state's minimum wage goes up by 12 cents to $7.79. The increase is still below the national minimum wage average of $8.12.

--Specialty license plate for Vietnam veterans and Combat Infantry Badge honorees, and for retired politicians.

--The homeless will also now be able to receive state identification cards at driver's license offices free of charge.

--the DMV can now to use email instead of snail mail to send out driver license renewal notices.
--School buses can also now go faster than 55 miles an hour, if the speed limit permits.
--Swamp buggies are no longer allowed on state roadways unless approved by local governments.