Listen to Obama talk about this hero.

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Army Specialist Leslie H. Sabo Jr. posthumously received the Medal of Honor yesterday:

Sabo, then 22, died on May 10, 1970 as his patrol was ambushed near a remote border area of Cambodia. The attack by North Vietnamese troops killed seven of Sabo's fellow soldiers from the 101st Airborne Division and would come to be known as the "Mother's Day ambush."

Obama talked about Sabo and the extraordinary act he did:

 "He did something extraordinary," Obama said. "He began to crawl straight toward an enemy bunker, its machine guns blazing."

"Les kept crawling, kept pulling himself along, closer to that bunker, even as the bullets hit the ground all around him. And then, he grabbed a grenade and he pulled the pin. It's said he held that grenade and didn't throw it until the last possible moment, knowing it would take his own life, but knowing he could silence that bunker. And he did. He saved his comrades, who meant more to him than life," Obama said.

Another part to the story is that before he left, he ordered flowers for his wife for her birthday - she buried him the day before her birthday and the next day, some roses came from him.....goosebumps huh?


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