Photo:  CBS Media press kit

Every year, EA Sports runs a simulated Super Bowl using the latest "Madden" video game.  It's been right SEVEN of the last NINE years.  And this year's simulation says the Ravens beat the 49ers 27 to 24. 

Meanwhile, a computer model run by the website says the Niners will win 28 to 21.  And they also claim to have been right in seven of the last nine Super Bowls.


How about Betting on Other Stuff besides the Game?

Will both coaches wear hats?  If you haven't heard ESPN mention it 75,000 times, the Super Bowl coaches are brothers.  So will they dress alike?  The odds they both wear hats are -1,000.  Odds against are +600.


How long will the National Anthem last?  ALICIA KEYS is singing the National Anthem.  The over-under time is set at two minutes and five seconds.  The odds on both the over and under are -115.


What color Gatorade will be dumped on the winning coach? There are different long odds on everything from +150 on water . . . +150 on yellow . . . +250 on orange . . . +500 on red . . . +550 on lime green . . . and +1,000 on blue.