Justin Bieber got into a scuffle with a photographer on Sunday.

The photographer is claiming in all seriousness that Justin beat him up.

The photographer went to the hospital complaining of chest pains. He had tried to get pictures of Justin with Selena Gomez outside of a movie theater...he was apparently blocking his car so Justin got upset with him....got out of his car and things got physical.

The rumor is:  A lawyer who just happened to be on the scene walked up to the photographer after Justin left and advised him that he could make a payday if he called an ambulance and filed a police report.

Read the article and see the pictures here.)


**Check it out...last weekend, he was working out with Mike Tyson...think this had anything to do with it??



Photo came from this youtube video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZdvsBjHTuws