Photo: screen shot from this video


Jason Aldean and Luke Bryan have a close friendship – and it just got closer.... 


JASON ALDEAN and LUKE BRYAN each got tattoos featuring the Duck Commander logo.

It's a company that makes duck calls and other hunting related merchandise . . . and it's also featured on the A&E's "Duck Dynasty".


They showed the work off on Twitter.  Jason posted a photo of Luke getting his and wrote, quote, "In camp with my boys from @DuckCommander getting inked up."


Then Jason Tweeted a photo of his, which is way more detailed.  He wrote, quote, "Here is my new one."  ( 


They also have farms next to each other....

Jason says:  “Luke just bought a farm about ten minutes from my house – and I got a farm here. So he and I hunt together quite a bit. A couple times a year all of us get together and we have two or three big hunts a year for about a week. Those are coming up, so that should be fun.”