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The Average Person Will Eat About 2,500 Calories at Thanksgiving Dinner....crap!


Here's a breakdown...... 


--Six ounces of turkey, with skin.  299 calories.


--Sausage stuffing, 310 calories.


--Dinner roll with butter, 310 calories.


--Sweet potato casserole, 300 calories.


--Mashed potatoes, 140 calories.


--Green bean casserole, 110 calories.


--Cranberry sauce, 15 calories.


--Roasted vegetable, 83 calories.


--Slices of pumpkin and pecan pie with whipped cream, 919 calories.



--So that's a total of 2,486 calories . . . which is basically supposed to be your daily total.  And that number doesn't include any drinks, appetizers, SECONDS, or anything else you'll eat that day.