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If your kids have heard about the shooting in Connecticut, chances are they're asking questions about it.  So here's some advice from child psychologists and other experts on how you can help kids deal with something so tragic.


#1.)  Turn Off the News.  If you have CNN running on a loop all day, young kids might misunderstand and think the shooting is happening over and over again.  Make sure they understand the guy who did it is gone now.


#2.)  Encourage Them to Ask Questions.  But maybe just ask if they've heard what happened, and go from there.   Your older kids - get them to start talking about it by asking  what their friends have been saying about it.


#3.)  Put It in Perspective.  Make sure they know this isn't something that happens all the time.   They don't have to worry when they go to school each day.


#4.)  Don't Tell Them That What They're Feeling Is Wrong.  A young kid might tell you they're happy...because no one they know was hurt.


#5.)  Keep a Closer Eye on Kids Who Have Been Through Something Traumatic Before.  Just like with adults, a new traumatic event can bring back a lot of bad memories.  But kids don't always show it the same way.


Just keep an eye out for anything out of the ordinary in the next week.