Here are the Top 10 Places to have Romance in the Office...

Your boss’ desk

Even if your boss isn’t the one you’re sleeping with, it’s forbidden and taboo -- which just makes it even hotter.


The elevator. Think about it -- you have a few minutes to get ‘er done before the door opens. It’s thrilling, it’s risky and every time you walk into that elevator you’re going to remember it. Just be sure he hits the right button.


If you’re afraid of getting caught, it’s the least risky (no security cameras!) and nastiest place to do the nasty.

Supply closet or printing room

On the floor, against a file cabinet, on top of a copy machine … sure, it’s an obvious choice, but there’s probably a lock on the door and privacy is key. Just don’t print any copies of your nekkid behind – remember, no evidence!

Under your desk

The space under your desk isn’t just for napping (we’ve all seen that episode of Seinfeld). Besides, sometimes hiding makes it more adventurous. If you really want a challenge, try pulling it off during the work day while passersby are present.

Parking lot

Not technically in the office, but it still counts. The back seat, the front seat, daylight or sundown – all make for fun positions and that little exhibitionist thrill. You’ll feel like a teen again -- just don’t get arrested.

Desk chair

There’s a reason they’re “built for optimal support and performance.”

The lunch room

A little “afternoon delight” for dessert never hurt anyone.

Over IM

This might not seem risqué, but if you like sexting, you’ll love this.

Boardroom table

Whether you’re bent over the table or on top of it, there’s no question you’ll look forward to meetings from now on. We just hope it isn’t glass.