The Four Most Common Valentine's Day Mistakes Men Make


#1.)  Forgetting to Make a Reservation.  If you're going somewhere nice for dinner you need to call ahead. 

#2.)  Giving Her Stripper Lingerie.  Something sexy is fine.  But some guys go WAY overboard.   

#3.)  Constantly Complaining That It's a "Hallmark Holiday".  So don't harp on it all night.  You'll just look cheap.

#4.)  Buying Her a Last-Minute Present at the Nearest Drug Store.  If she finds out, she'll be insulted by the cheapness of the gift, AND because you didn't plan ahead.


****If you completely forgot about Valentine's Day, you're better off buying a bouquet of flowers at the grocery store, and maybe a bottle of wine

Just make sure you take the price tag off the!!!