Check this out.....we all trust that when we bring our cars in - that the guys working on them won't beat the crap out of them...

William Clark of Easley, South Carolina drives a 2010 Chevy Camaro SS. This is his second Camaro . . . his last one died after he left it with a dealership for servicing. He suspected they messed with it, but didn't have proof.

So when his new Camaro started making a clicking sound during stops, he took it to a different dealership hid a TAPE RECORDER in the glove compartment.

And...guess what?  His worst nighmare came true. On the tape he could hear the mechanics joyriding in his Camarao, doing BURNOUTS . . . and destroying his clutch.

THEN he heard them talking about whether they could trick William into paying for the clutch.

He played the audio for the dealer, but they only offered to reassess the damage.

Chevrolet's customer service said it wasn't their problem, it was between him and the dealer. So William decided to post the audio on YouTube.

It got their attention now!!!

(Yahoo Autos)