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Guess What Else Is Stressing You Out?

Guess What Else Is Stressing You Out?
Posted May 29th, 2012 @ 7:37am

A lot of things are obviously stressing you out . . . your job, dealing with your relatives. 

Here's a list of four things that might be stressing you out without you even realizing it.

1.)  The Lack of Cubicles at Your Office....wait..what?    

A lot of offices have open floor plans now, so you can see the whole way across the room.  It can actually be more stressful than sitting in a cubicle, because your brain is constantly being distracted.  Even if you don't notice all the extra activity, your BRAIN is working overtime.

2.)  Sleeping with a Night-Light On.   It can make you depressed!

3.)  Background Noises.  Even a buzzing fluorescent light or the hum of traffic adds to your stress level.  You just don't notice it.

4.)  Your Smartphone.  when you have a smartphone everyone expects you to be available all the time.  And research has shown that your stress level goes up the more you check your email and text messages.


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