The average hardcore football fan spends $90,000 on their favorite team in their lifetime. 

It's based on a hardcore fan from age 21 through 65, over those 44 years, they will spend close to $90K

Eight tickets to home games, at the NFL average of $113 per ticket.   

$380 on gas, transportation, and parking.

$400 on food and drink at the games.

$70 on clothing and team gear.

$210 on food and drinks at bars watching away games.

$113 for one ticket each year to an away game, plus another $500 on transportation and htel.

$250 for subscriptions to stuff like DirecTV's NFL package, other sports channels, magazines, and websites.

That adds up to $2,036 per year. 

Oer those 44 years you'll spend approximately $89,584 on your team. 

(The Sun)

Our Midday Guy Ryan...will spend WAY more than that...just look at the crap he has already!!